Survey Variable: Sexuality

Figure 1. See also Table A1.

A large majority of the respondents to the Privilege and Participation survey are heterosexual. As Figure 1 (above, using weighted data), more than nine in ten of them (93.6%) identify as such, whilst one in twenty-six (3.8%) identify as gay or lesbian, one in fifty-six (1.8%) as bisexual, and one in one hundred and forty-three (0.7%) as some other sexuality. Figure 2 (below, also using weighted data) shows that, together, those who identify as having a sexuality other than heterosexual make up around one in fifteen people (6.4%). According to the Office for National Statistics this is, if anything, an over-estimate of the number of people who identified as gay or lesbian, bisexual, or some other sexuality in Britain at the time. This over-representation of people with sexualities other than heterosexual is less dramatic than the under-representation of ethnic minority groups in the sample. Nevertheless, it further demonstrates that, whilst the sample is representative in terms of some key demographic traits (e.g. gender and region of residence) and political preferences (e.g. party vote at the last election) it also does not look like the population in other key respects.

Figure 2. See also Table A2.
Variable nameback_so_mv
Number of cases1,359
Number of categories4
Categories to code as missingNone
Cases to code as missingNone
Recoded variable nameback_hs_bmv
Number of cases1,359
Number of categories2
New and old categoriesThe original four-category variables was
recoded such that categories 2 (‘Gay or
lesbian’), 3 (‘Bisexual’), and 4 (‘Other’)
became category 0 (‘Other sexuality’) in
the new variable, whilst category 1
(‘Heterosexual’) remained as such.
Details of the original and recoded sexuality variables.

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