Survey Variable: Age Left Education

Figure 1. See also Table A1.

In addition to asking about their highest education level, the Privilege and Participation survey asked people what age they left education. Referring back to their education levels, a fifth of people have an undergraduate degree, a further one in fifteen have a postgraduate degree, and one in ten have technical and professional qualifications. These groups constitute almost two fifths of people (39.2%) so it is not surprising that Figure 1 (above, using weighted data) shows that more than a third of people left education when they were twenty or older. The quarter of people (24.0%) who left school when they were seventeen or eighteen is likely to encompass the one in seven who have A Levels as well as those with qualifications such as advanced City & Guilds and ONCs. Similarly, the more than a fifth of people (22.4%) who left education at sixteen are likely to include the one in eight who have GCSEs as well as those with qualifications such as some City & Guilds awards. The remaining fifth of people (18.8%) are split between those who left education at fifteen or younger (9.3%), at nineteen (5.5%), or are still in education (4.0%). Overall, the largest groups, making up four fifths of people (81.2%), are those who completed education to one of the conventional ages: sixteen (GCSEs or equivalent), eighteen (A Levels or equivalent), or around twenty-one (undergraduate or postgraduate degree).

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Joe Greenwood-Hau is a Lecturer in Politics in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh, where his teaching focuses on Introduction to Political Data Analaysis and he is wrapping up the Capital, Privilege and Political Participation in Britain and Beyond project.

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