Survey Variable: Ranked Reasons for Status Difference

Asking people to select the reasons that they think status differences in society exist allows us to see the list of factors that the think play any part in driving inequality, but it does not tell us what they think the most important reasons are. The process of identifying the key factors is more cognitivelyContinue reading “Survey Variable: Ranked Reasons for Status Difference”

Survey Variable: Selected Reasons for Status Difference

A key component of perception of privilege is the attribution of reasons for inequality in society. Those who prioritise structural explanations for differences between people’s statuses, such as background and inequality, can be said to perceive privilege. On the other hand, those who emphasise individual reasons, such as ambition and hard work, are not perceivingContinue reading “Survey Variable: Selected Reasons for Status Difference”

Survey Variable: Perceived Private Education of MPs

Beyond perceptions of their own engagement with politics, people also have perceptions of politics itself. These might relate to how open, responsive, or efficacious the political system is, to the competence of specific politicians, or to the characteristics of politicians overall. Such perceptions can intersect with people’s perceptions of privilege, for instance if they thinkContinue reading “Survey Variable: Perceived Private Education of MPs”