Survey Variable: Organisation Involvement

Beyond specific political acts, whether already done or prospective, people can have longer-term relationships with organisations that are more or less explicitly political in nature. Specifically, the survey asked about donating, volunteering, membership, and holding unpaid positions. As Figure 1 (above) shows, those activities were asked about in relation to political parties (panel A), tradeContinue reading “Survey Variable: Organisation Involvement”

Survey Variable: Possible Political Acts

Respondents who said that they had never done each of the political acts that they were asked about were subsequently asked whether they would do those acts in future (in relation to an issue that was important to them). As such, each of the panels in Figure 1 (above), which uses weighted data, shows answersContinue reading “Survey Variable: Possible Political Acts”

Survey Variable: Political Acts

Having considered the voluntary official positions that citizens can hold, we now move onto the specific political (whether explicitly or implicitly so) acts that people can undertake. As shown in Figure 1 (above), which uses weighted data, there is quite some variation in the frequency with which people engage in such acts.[1] At one endContinue reading “Survey Variable: Political Acts”

Survey Variable: Official Positions

As Figure 1 (above) shows, holding each of the official positions that the survey asked about is a rarity.[1] The most popular option is being a Neighbourhood Watch member (Panel E) but even that position is held by only 4.8% of respondents, with a further 10.4% indicating that they have been a member in theContinue reading “Survey Variable: Official Positions”