Survey Variable: Self-Esteem

How people think and feel about themselves can be an important factor in shaping their behaviour, both in terms of political participation and more widely. One particularly important factor may be whether you hold yourself in high regard: those who think of themselves as having high levels of ability may be more confident, and thisContinue reading “Survey Variable: Self-Esteem”

Survey Variable: Social Network Strength

As noted elsewhere, social capital has many components: the size of your social network, its level of interaction, its homogeneity, and the statuses of the people within it. An additional key component, and the last one we consider, is the strength of the network. One indicator this is the amount of help that people withinContinue reading “Survey Variable: Social Network Strength”

Survey Variable: Social Network Homogeneity

There are numerous components of social capital: the size of your network, your amount of interaction within it, and the occupational status of your acquaintances all matter. Additionally, the social homogeneity of the network is important, because it is likely to affect the number and range of experiences and perspectives that you encounter. The surveyContinue reading “Survey Variable: Social Network Homogeneity”

Survey Variable: Social Network Interaction

In addition to the statuses of the people who you know, and the number of acquaintances that you have, an important component of social capital is how often you interact with those acquaintances. The survey asked people a series of questions designed to measure social network interaction, focusing on how often people talk to theirContinue reading “Survey Variable: Social Network Interaction”

Survey Variable: Social Network Size

A key feature of social capital is how many people we know. Some people have large networks of friends and acquaintances whilst others know just a few people. In each case there is also variation in how well people know their acquaintances, and we often have closer and more distant friendships. To investigate these variations,Continue reading “Survey Variable: Social Network Size”

Survey Variable: Occupational Status of Acquaintances

One of the key components of social capital is the status of the people that we know. Status can be measured in numerous ways, but occupation is often taken as a key indicator. Moving in the same circles as judges, military officers, and company directors is a rather different proposition than socialising with call centreContinue reading “Survey Variable: Occupational Status of Acquaintances”