Survey Variable: Newspaper Readership

The newspapers that people read were, in the past, often used by polling companies and others as a proxy for ideological views and party preferences. With the decline in (physical) newspaper readership and the rise of readily available indicators of ideology and party preferences, the variable has somewhat fallen out of favour. Nevertheless, it remainsContinue reading “Survey Variable: Newspaper Readership”

Survey Variable: Holiday Activities

Having asked about how often they go on holiday with various groups, the survey also asked respondents about the kinds of things they do on holiday. As Figure 1 (above, using weighted data) shows, there are two particularly popular holiday pastimes: sightseeing is done by four in five people (80.9%) and visiting beauty spots isContinue reading “Survey Variable: Holiday Activities”

Survey Variable: Holiday Frequency

Holidays sit at the intersection of economic, social, and cultural capital: they often represent a major annual expenditure, are undertaken with close social networks (family and friends), and reflect cultural tastes and habits. Before being asked about what they do when they are away, respondents were asked how often they go on holiday (including weekendContinue reading “Survey Variable: Holiday Frequency”

Survey Variable: Film Genres Watched

As well as the music that they listen to, the survey asked respondents about the kinds of films that they watch. Unlike music, there is no single stand-out film genre that is much more popular than the rest (in the case of music, it is rock and pop). As Figure 1 (above, using weighted data)Continue reading “Survey Variable: Film Genres Watched”

Survey Variable: Music Genres Listened To

Beyond the types of places that they eat and their preferred cuisines, the survey also asked about people’s musical tastes. This is part of the survey’s wider focus on cultural habits and tastes. As Figure 1 (above, using weighted data) shows, and unlike culinary tastes, there is one genre of music that stands out asContinue reading “Survey Variable: Music Genres Listened To”

Survey Variable: Cultural Activities in the Home

In addition to their activities outside the home, the survey asked how frequently people do various activities at home. Specifically, they were asked how often they read books, read magazines, listen to the radio, listen to music (not on the radio), watch TV (including streaming and DVDs), play video games, browse the internet, and useContinue reading “Survey Variable: Cultural Activities in the Home”

Survey Variable: Eating Out Cuisines

In addition to the types of places that people go to when eating out, the survey also asked them about the national and regional cuisines that they eat. As we can see in Figure 1 (above, using weighted data), British cuisine is by far the most popular, with more than nine in every ten peopleContinue reading “Survey Variable: Eating Out Cuisines”

Survey Variable: Eating Out Venues

It is not just people’s cultural activities that are of interest, but also their tastes. These might relate to film, music or (more literally) cuisine, amongst other things. Respondents who indicated that they eat out with friends at least occasionally were asked about the kinds of places that they go. As Figure 1 (above, usingContinue reading “Survey Variable: Eating Out Venues”

Survey Variable: Cultural Activities Outside the Home

Beyond its measures of multiple forms of political participation, one of the key strengths of the Capital, Privilege and Political Participation in Britain survey is its detailed measures of three forms of capital: economic, social, and cultural. Whilst the role of people’s economic and social capital in their political participation has been studied a greatContinue reading “Survey Variable: Cultural Activities Outside the Home”

Survey Variable: Work-Based Civic Skills

Respondents who were in work or had worked in the past (n = 1,379) were asked about four skills that they used in their jobs: writing formal emails and letters, participating in decision-making meetings, chairing meetings, and giving presentations. These were the same skills that were asked about in relation to volunteering for political parties,Continue reading “Survey Variable: Work-Based Civic Skills”